1. When in doubt, go with the Kung Fu kick

2. Always outkick your coverage

3. The Dallas Cowboys remain America’s Team

The Cowboys were already sporting the blue and white, so they just added the red as seen here:

4. People Love to Hate on Romo and Most of them are “Cowboys Fans”


5. Scott Linehan’s gameplan included more touches for Dez

Thus, the forced throws. I’m not defending Romo’s interceptions.  That was the worst, if not one of the worst games he’s ever had as a Cowboy, but that was part of the gameplan.  The Niners showed double coverage on Dez all game and the Cowboys tried to force the issue.  The problems continue to be top to bottom.Bw9teBxCcAAzi2F

6. Dez Bryant probably went out on Saturday night

Joe Buckeroo and Troy Aikman continually described Bryant as one of the most conditioned players on the Cowboys.  For some reason, Bryant had to pull himself from the game late in the 4th quarter for reportedly being dehydrated. Things that make you go hmm.

7. Fantasy football remains unpredictable

Google Allen Hurns because that’s what I had to do after he put up 23 fantasy points (4 rec, 110 yards, TD) for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  He’ll be the number one waiver pick up this week in fantasy circle and likely won’t touch those numbers the rest of the year.  However, the approach to fantasy football remains the same: “what’s most likely to happen?” Allen Hurns is not the answer.

8. Cut Ray Rice. (Updated: Ravens have terminated the contract of Ray Rice) 

Period. From the Ravens to your fantasy football team. This guy is done.

9. The NFL Redzone and the Fantasy Direct channel on are the same thing

And it’s awesome! If you love football and you love fantasy football there absolutely no better way to spend your Sundays with a cold one in the comfort of your own home. But is it worth $55/month?

10. We have 16 weeks to go

There is a long season of football ahead and the fun (and disappointments) is just beginning.  Next up for the Cowboys, the Tennessee Titans.

20140914 Cowboys at Titans Web

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