Remembering Rob Bironas (1978-2014) – there is more to this story…

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Tony Stewart won’t face charges.

Truth is only he knows what happened and what his intentions were that day.

Upcoming Mavs Events

Sept 23 – Mavs alternative jersey unveiled and new player introductions (Check out my recap of the press conference on!)

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  • Sept 29 – Mavs Media Day, follow @themavsfantic for exclusive coverage!
  • Sept 30 – Mavs Training Camp Begins
  • Oct 4 – Mavs Fan Jam
  • Oct 7 – Mavs First Preseason game v. Rockets at the AAC (T-Shirt Tuesday (First 10K)
  • Oct 23 – Mavs Run This Town 5K – Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs New Jersey

Am I the only one upset that the Mavs unveiled a new jersey, but we won’t get to see on the court for another season? Imagine buying a new car, but you can’t use it for another year. The anticipation will kill Mavs fans!

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DeSean Jackson

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DeMarco Murray continues to fumble

Three games, three fumbles. Does DeMarco get more of a pass with turnovers then Romo? To fans, yes. To Dez Bryant, I think not. How about that confrontation between Dez and Murray…

“I wouldn’t call it a confrontation at all,” Murray said. “He’s telling me something, I’m telling him something. He’s listening to me, I’m listening to him. We’ve got a great relationship. That’s my guy, that’s one of my best friends on the team” via Jon Machota (@jonmachota).

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The fact that Mo Clairborne stormed out of the team facility and skipped walk-through practice and still gets to play Sunday shows exactly why the Cowboys have been 8-8 the past three seasons.

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Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka reminds you to never miss a workout

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Dallas Cowboys v. New Orleans Saints, Sept 28. at 7:30PM CDT on NBC

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