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Victor Enriquez

It’s time to start the #AmareToDallas campaign, Mavs Fanatics. According to Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk, Amar’e Stoudemire’s representatives are pushing for a buyout of a portion of the final year left on the $100 million contract Stoudemire signed in 2010. (Update: Amar’e Stoudemire and the New York Knicks have reached an agreement on a buyout according to several reports.)

The 6-10, 245 pound power forward has averaged 12.0 points and 6.8 rebounds in 36 games this season with the New York Knicks, while playing limited minutes due to ankle, wrist and knee injuries. Born in 1982 in Lake Wales, Florida, the 32-year-old Stoudemire was drafted as the ninth overall pick by the Phoenix Suns in 2002.

Nicknamed “Stat” (Standing Tall and Talented) earlier in his career, Stoudemire was often the subject of highlight reel dunks for the first decade of his career, but several surgeries and father time have finally caught up with him. He’s a shell of his former self, but could easily provide a major boost for the Mavs with a solid mid-range and post-up game. The Mavs have continued to struggle to score consistently with their second unit since the departure of Brandan Wright in their late December trade for Rajon Rondo, and Stoudemire’s presence could provide a huge lift.

While Stoudemire lacks the aptitude and attentiveness to be a credible force on the defensive end of the floor, at this point the Mavs could use any big man available. Last night’s game against the lowly Utah Jazz showed just how much the Mavs struggle without Tyson Chandler on the floor, and should his miss any more time following the break, the Mavs could find themselves in big trouble.

While an earlier report pointed to the Mavs as the frontrunners for Stoudemire’s services, other teams have emerged as ‘serious contenders’ according to reports. ESPN Insider Nick Borges reported earlier this week that Stoudemire could land with the Warriors due to his connection with former Phoenix and now Golden State assistant coach Alvin Gentry. Conversely, another report has the Phoenix Suns as the frontrunner for Stoudemire according to the Huffington Post’s Jordan Schultz

Amar’e Stoudemire buyout depends on how much money he wants to give up, but #Suns are likely front-runners/serious contenders if it happens.

 — Jordan Schultz (@Schultz_Report) February 10, 2015

Should the Mavs miss out on Stoudemire and unknown status of Jermaine O’Neal, other potential buyout scenarios include Ne York Knicks C/F Andrea Bargnani  and Boston Celtics PF Brandon Bass, but neither have been directly linked to the Mavs. So, at this point, the Mavs have to be pushing to add Amar’e to help bolster their struggling front line and they need your help.

So, here’s the game plan, Mavs Fanatics:

  • First, learn the correct spelling of his name. It’s Amar’e Stoudemire. Get that apostrophe right.
  • Next, follow Amar’e Stoudemire on Twitter at @AmareIsReal and send him some Mavs love! #AmareToDallas
  • Last, send him a bottle of red wine. Check out this ESPN report about how Amar’e likes to bathe in red wine as an off-day recovery ritual.


Landon Nordeman

Let’s use the power of social media to help bring to the Larry O’Brien Trophy back home to Dallas and bring #AmareToDallas Go Mavs!

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