Following the Dallas Mavericks 98-95 loss to the Atlanta Hawks last night, Mavs owner Mark Cuban unusually and suddenly appeared in the Dallas locker room and was immediately surrounded by reporters. He had something on his mind and wanted to make sure the public knew about.

The crux of his latest public outcry about the league, that will likely land him yet another fine from the NBA front office, centered around what he called a “trend” by officials to ignore defensive three-second violations.

“Something this year has changed and I know it’s not coming from the league,” Cuban told reporters. “Somewhere along the line, officials have chosen not to call defensive three-seconds. You guys could probably hear us count five, six, seven. We’ve had multiple games this year where the league has agreed they missed nine defensive three-second calls.”

Cuban made it clear that his latest rant was not related to the Mavs loss, saying the Dallas’ simply couldn’t make shots last night. He said his efforts to go to the league directly haven’t solved the problems so he wanted to make sure he got the word out.

You can watch Cuban’s full interview below.

Cover Photo Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

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