Dirk Nowitzki talks contract, free agency recruiting on Ben and Skin Show


(Photo via @BenRogers)

This week, Dallas Mavericks living legend Dirk Nowitzki joined the Ben and Skin Show on 105.3 The Fan to shed some light on whether he’ll opt-out of his contract, free agency recruiting and the Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game on June 10. Here are some highlights from his interview.

On his diet during the offseason…

Dirk Nowitzki: “Oh yeah, at least one month in the summer here, I eat everything and drink everything in sight. I enjoy that. I really do. Sometimes I miss the drinks and the wines and the ice creams and the pizzas a little bit during the season, but you know it’s a sacrifice that I got to make especially as I’ve gotten older. And so this month I’ve been I’m on a tear and I think I’ve gained almost 10 pounds, but it should be good for my baseball swing and I think I’m going to lay a little more weight behind it and maybe get it out of the infield.”

On playing at such a high level this late into his career…

Dirk: “You know, I kind of take it year by year. I didn’t really know what to expect after the championship as we said numerous times we let some of our guys go, it’s been tough for the franchise ever since. We’ve been banking on some free agency (signings) it just hasn’t come together the way want it to. And that’s why I always said I go hard, I play hard, and I’ll do whatever this franchise needs. You know, if I said it last summer if we LaMarcus or whoever, I come off the bench, if we get nobody, then I’ll be out there and try and win as many games as I can.”

I’m was proud of the guys, proud of the team, the way we battled, just the injuries piled up a little too much at the end.

On his plans to opt out of his contract this summer…

Dirk: “I got to help myself a little bit. I’m not really sure where this offseason goes. But, I haven’t opted out as of yet. I still have time until the end of June, I believe it’s a week before free agency starts. That would make it around 24th, 25th of June. You know just, thinking about it, thinking about what the future will bring, I’m guessing I’ll be around for two more years. I felt great this year. So hopefully I can play two more years at a high level. I happen to have a meeting with Donnie (Nelson) already, I’m going to meet with (Mark) “Cubes” next week here before I go home because after baseball I’m taking the family home to Europe and see my family and travel around some a little bit. So, just trying to find what the best is. Is it best to stay in the contract and play next year and keep the same pay or should I opt-out? Is that best for the franchise? Just trying to find from Donnie and Mark what’s out there, what the plan is and so 100 percent my mind’s not made up, but leaning towards opting out and just trying to help and see what’s out there.”

On recruiting players this summer…

Dirk: “You know, I’ve done some of that to the degree that I was comfortable. You know, I’m just not the guy that calls somebody up every day or texts every day. I reach out. I let them know we’d love to have them and I’ve done that with all the free agents the last few years. Even with DeAndre (Jordan) last summer. We had some discussions over texts. I try to answer some questions he had over texts. I flew out to L.A. We had dinner with Cubes and Parsons. So, I’ve done it to a degree and if that’s the case then I’ll be happy to do it again, but I’m not the guy that constantly reaches out and just overdoes it. I want to let them know that we’d love to have these guys and if they make a different decision it’s okay too. This franchise will keep going and go in another direction.”

On the Western Conference Finals…

Dirk: “I thought it was one of the best series I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

On his Croc game…

Dirk: “Oh, my Croc game is strong man.”

On the Mavs tanking…

Dirk: “Tanking is just not a part of my DNA. Not the way I’m wired. I want to win. I want to compete. I at least want to go for it. Even the last couple years, like I mentioned we haven’t had the greatest of runs. We’ve been 6, 7, 8 seeds. One year we missed the playoffs, but at least I want to have a feeling that this franchise is going for it. I think that’s what these fans deserve. We’ve had some of the most loyal fans there. I still think we have the sellout streak going as far as I’m concerned. So, they deserve better than for us to just tank and go for a high draft pick. That’s just not what Mark and Donnie and the whole franchise stand for.”

On the Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game…

Dirk: “It’s been a humbling experience. Not only the fans, we’ve sold it out the last few years, but also the celebs flying in from all over the place. The local guys come out. The (Dallas) Cowboys accepting and respecting that game to come out every year and make it a point to come out even though they have all these offensive tackle workouts. I’m not even sure what you call those things, but they always make it a point to come out and show their faces.”


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