On Tuesday, Jeff “Skin” Wade of 105.3 The Fan tweeted that the Dallas Mavericks have decided they will not offer forward Chandler Parsons the max contract that he is seeking this offseason.

After opting out of the final year of the three-year, $46 million deal he signed with Dallas in 2014, Parsons’ future with the Mavs seems be completely up in the air. Of course, it’s early in the game, with free agency set to begin on July 1, but based on the chatter around the league things don’t seem to be looking in favor of those wanting a return of the “Beautiful One” to Dallas.

From rumors to a move to his home state of Florida, to hanging out with DeAndre Jordan, to what appears to be a deteriorating relationship between Parsons and the Mavs, fans are left to speculate where he may play next.

Is Parsons dropping hints that he’s out the door or just playing the free agency marketing game? Or maybe he’s just out having fun enjoying the offseason. At this point, all we can do is speculate.

See for yourself:

#NoHardFeelings? DeAndre Jordan? Really?!

Chandler Parsons reportedly be “all ears” when free agency rolls around on July 1

Parsons vacations in Athens while rocking a (University of) Florida shirt

Parsons works out in LA with Derrick Rose

Parsons dines in LA while rocking a Dodgers hat

Parsons trains in Dallas with Dirk and Rougie Odor

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