Following the Decision by the “Durantula” Kevin Durant on Monday morning to take his talents to Golden State, a flurry of free agents signing took place including a few deals for your hometown Dallas Mavericks. After a market-friendly deal that kept restricted free agent forward Dwight Powell in Dallas for the next four seasons, the Mavs officially came to an agreement with unrestricted free agent forward Harrison Barnes to replace the departed Chandler Parsons while landing center Andrew Bogut via trade in a salary dump deal from the Warriors.

Two starters in Barnes and Bogut from a team that won 73 games last season? Hey, not bad.

But, then the Mavs added Curry!

Ok, no not 2016 Regular Season MVP Steph Curry, but his younger broham Seth Curry. The Dallas roster is beginning to take shape, looking and feeling very Warriors-like, but nevertheless Mark Cuban and the Mavs scrambled to put together a formidable squad after a disappointing start to begin the free agency period. Then, this morning Dirk Nowitzki re-upped with the only team he’s known in his NBA career for two-years and $40 million.

So, we asked fans just what they thought of the Mavs roster moves and they came back with some pretty interesting responses.

Check them out for yourself:

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