When I started covering sports, dance wasn’t one I had in mind. But the opportunities kept coming. And, I kept saying yes. Now? Dance is one of my favorite sports to cover – it combines the thrill of action photography, with the opportunity to capture art and human expression.

What sets Michael Lark Creative apart? 

  • We’ve worked with dancers and teams of all kinds across Dallas-Fort Worth – high school, college, minor league, pro league, and even adults continuing to embrace their passion. For us, it’s not about the level or skill of the individual, it’s about the project and doing work we enjoy.
  • We are people working with people. And we love what we do. As such – in addition to creativity and our best work – we strive to bring positivity, collaboration, authenticity, an inclusive mindset, and the appropriate amount of fun, to every shoot.
  • We also understand that our dance projects often mean we’re working in proximity to vulnerable people and moments. Michael Lark Creative takes great pride in creating a comfortable working environment where all individuals feel safe, supported, and able to deliver their best.
  • We don’t just copy and paste ideas. Each shoot and deliverable are approached fresh, with the client’s unique vision, goals, and audience in mind. We’re firm believers that just because something worked before, doesn’t mean we stop creating, improving, and bringing new ideas.
  • We know that some projects call for something more traditional, and we’re here for that. But we’re also here to innovate, tell stories, and push the envelope, so we’re ready to get as creative as you are!

Reach out here and let’s create some incredible dance content! 


Dance Photography + Video Production Experience

Some of our dance clients and projects include:

Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars Ice Girls, Allen Americans Ice Angels, Dallas Sidekicks Dancers, Mesquite Outlaws Dancers, Frisco Bombshells, Texas Lonestars, and the University of Texas at Dallas. We’ve shot multiple swimsuit calendars for the Dallas Sidekicks Dancers and Allen Americans Ice Angels. We also serve as team videographer for the Hebron Silver Wings, Lovejoy Majestics and Emerson Majestics.

I also own and run, created in July 2017, for fans of dance and cheer as a part of the Dallas Sports Fanatic, LLC network. The mission is to serve fans and dancers in the DFW dance community with the latest news and coverage of all the college and professional dance teams in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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Behind the Scenes