How I became a credential media member covering the Dallas Mavericks


Of all of the great quotes from the late, great Stuart Scott, this is probably my favorite because it was part of changing the culture of sport journalism forever. The recent passing of one of my all-time role models has served as a reminder to me that life is short and should be lived to the fullest – and that’s why I decided to take my passion for sports to the next level. 

In early 2013, I began strategically building my personal brand on social media (Twitter/Instagram) as a go-to for news, rumors, insights and commentary on the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys, as well as other professional sports, teams and players from the comfort of my couch. I was trying to become “noticed” while carrying out my passion of covering the Dallas Mavericks.

In May 2014, that I took a leap of faith, sending an email an blog called Mavs Fanatic to cover the Dallas Mavericks. I had little experience, but I knew my passion for sports would carry me as I learned the journalism industry.

In September 2014, the owner of Mavs Fanatic, recognizing my potential, selected me to be an official correspondent for the team covering the Mavs as a credentialed media member.

While on the surface, it may appear to some as though I’m showing up each and everyday at sporting events surrounded by professional athletes and celebrities, the road to this point was so much more.

In college, a professor and mentor told me success was where opportunity meet preparation. Truth is, I had been preparing my entire life for the right opportunity and when I was given the opportunity I made sure I took full advantage of it. 

Growing up, I was a Mavs Superfan. I attended games regularly and most Mavericks games since 1994. In 2013, I actually won a contest held by the Mavs to become a “Social Media All-Star,” assisting the Mavs digital team in the coverage of a Mavs preseason game.

In my time with Mavs Fanatic,  I’ve managed to keep a full-time job while covering nearly every Mavs game. I’ve written more than 120 articles and captured over 3000 published photos.

In addition to Mavs Fanatic, I sought every opportunity to better myself as a writer and photographer. Early on, I often took on gigs for free in the hopes of landing bigger opportunities, networking with other experienced professionals while learning on the go while being surrounded by countless individuals who have graciously help me better my craft.

In 2015, Star Sports Tours, the official travel partner of the Dallas Cowboys, reached out to me and I began working with them for the 2015-16 NFL season. I provide coverage and social media content for the company’s Cowboys Meet and Greet the day before home games, live tweet the official Star Sports Tours Tailgate party before the game and live tweet the games.

I have also covered FC Dallas, Dallas Wings, FC Dallas, golf, professional dancing, charity events, concerts and much more, writing and photographing for outlets like the Smoking Cuban, and Blitz Weekly.

Today, I celebrate my three year anniversary as a writer, photographer and credentialed media member for Mavs Fanatic. It’s been a great ride and while there is much more to come, today I’m just thankful. The opportunity I was given will never be forgotten. The past three years have been an absolute blessing.

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